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KTSW Dam-Work Concrete Mixer

KTSW Dam-Work Concrete Mixer

Product Description

The product is applicable to stirring the large skeletal grain and dry hard water conservancy concrete. The main models include KTSW1500/1000, KTSW1750/1250, KTSW2250/1500, KTSW3000/2000, KTSW3750/2500, KTSW4500/3000, KTSW5300/3500, KTSW6000/4OOO and KTSW6750/4500.

The stirring arm of the water conservancy concrete mixer is perpendicular (90°).

The thick stirring arm, agitating vane and lining plate bring high strength and good abrasion performance.

The transmission gear, shaft seal and discharging mechanism are commonly used by KTSA mixer and realize convenient production and maintenance.

The domestic and foreign reduction gears are used according to customer demands.


Dam-Work concrete mixer, mixing arms are 90 degree designed. Mixing arm, blades and Linings are thickened design, which have a high intensity and good Wear resistance, more suitable for mixing big aggregate, dry and stiff concrete in Dam work project.