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KTSA/B Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

KTSA/B Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

KTSA/B Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Description

KTSA/B series of Twin-shaft Concrete Mixer can mix every grades of concrete,light aggregate concrete and mortar. This mixer is applicable to all kinds of commercial concrete mixing plant, prefabricated equipment enterprises.After years of manufacturing practice, our company own every model concrete mixer from 1 m³ to 6 m³, and recognized by the vast numbers of users with excellent quality and perfect after sale service. 

The differences that make our mixers better than their counterparts.

SDMIX Mixer: liner is chrome cast iron

Why SDMIX’s liner plate even better than Ni-Hard?
SDMIX adopts cast iron with more than %26 chromium although it is more expensive. It has longer use life with much better wear-resistance by its 55-60 HRC hardness and 20mm thickness. The most company’s liner is 10 mm Hardox 450 steel plate, few uses Ni-Hard which is cast iron with 12- 18%
chromium, 15mm thickness.


1. The structure design is compact with little space occupation, so it is convenient to production, transportation and installation.

2. Planetary gear box with small volume, low noise, so its service life is long.

3. Automatic lubrication system, four shaft end sealing system with independent pump core, so the pressure is equalizing, and the sealing effect is perfect.

4. It equips safety switch and emergency stop switch, so the safety coefficient is high.

5. Adopt innovative designed shaft seal group, with more reliable performance and its service life is more than doubled than normal ones.

Product Details

( inside )

Adopting the Italy brand or self making reducer and parts,reliable performance, long service life, low noise.

Shaft-end sealing
Multi-combined sealing by imported components, avoiding the cement and slurry contacting the shaft head, extending the service life of the concrete mixer.

Electric lubricating oil pump
Supplying the grease to four shaft end respectively with using four pump cores. It is no need to use flow divider valve, avoiding blocking of the flow divider valve to decrease the workload of maintenance and service.

Discharging system
Hydraulic discharging system, with strong drive force and reliable discharging;Discharging door can be opened at any angle, with manual discharging function; The discharging door adopts detachable structure, convenient for maintenance.