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KTSL Spiral Type Concrete Mixer

KTSL Spiral Type Concrete Mixer

Product description

The product is applicable to various commercial concrete mixing plants, and high-speed rail and expressway mixing plants. The main models include KTSL3000/2000, KTSL3750/2500, KTSL4500/3000, KTSL5300/3500, KTSL6000/4000 and KTSL6750/4500.

The spiral belt type concrete mixer uses spiral belt type agitation technology, and the agitating vane is arranged like a spiral belt, realizing fierce and abundant agitation, and uniform agitation in a shorter time. The mixing speed increases by over 20% and saves over 10% of power compared with the conventional shovel-shaped mixer.

The main parts including reduction gears, bearing, sealing element and V-belt are imported, prolong the service life, reduce the failure rate and make the stirring process safer and more reliable.

The innovative shaft-end seal is used and the shaft-end seal is more reliable. The sealing performance is more than two times the conventional sealing performance.

The domestic and foreign reduction gears are used according to customer demands.


1.Mixing blades are spiral layout, strong and enough in mixing activity, short in mixing time, can increase mixing efficiency up to 25%, save power up to 10%.

2.Critical parts, such as gear box, bearing, oil seal, V-belt are imported parts, which extend service life, reduce fault rate and make more reliable usage.

3.Transmission system, shaft seal group, discharging system are same with our KTSA series, convenient for produce and maintainance.

4.Adopt innovative designed shaft seal group,with more reliable performance.